Saturday, February 10, 2018

Distro: R.S.V.P. - A Tribute to Broccoli

We have an extraordinary small amount of the new Tribute to Broccoli CD that just came out on Fixing A Hole records in Japan.  Broccoli has long been one of our very favorite bands here at PopKid and this CD is packed with 38 bands from around the world paying tribute to them.

Chestnut Road is one of the bands on this compilation (appropriate since the band is named after a Broccoli songs) and even the goofy band that Alan & I are in (Sun Tan Lake) makes an appearance.  Not to mention tons of others like The Hum Hums, The No Marks, Bows, Short Straw Fate, Cradle To Grave and more.

Probably not a whole lot of places in America to buy this right now, and I can't stress enough we really only have a few - so go buy one and pick up some other PopKid fun while you're there.

New Store on

Just a quick update that we've moved our store over to Limited Run (  The free Big Cartel store just wasn't working anymore, not enough room for our vast catalog.  This also will open things up a little bit for other products as well.  We may start doing just a tiny bit of bistro in addition to PopKid stuff. Not much, but maybe a random thing here or there.  One of those random things is coming sooner than you think.

Anyway - for all your CD and vinyl needs!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Hey, we're making shirts!

It's taken us over 20 years, but we're happy to say that you can finally own a PopKid Records T Shirt.

This vacation inspired shirt will be available on tri blend shirts, in 3 different colors.

We're putting up a preorder now.  We will likely not have these shirts until late February, but we are only having a small batch made.

If you want a specific color shirt in a specific size, we suggest you order in advance so we can have one made for you.  We will probably have a few extras, but we may not have all sizes and colors available.

You can grab the shirts in our store here: 

Monday, November 13, 2017

New PopKid Release: Shoplifters - Forgiver 7"

We thought that there probably wouldn't be a new PopKid release in 2017, but we are happy to report that we were wrong.  Please join us in welcoming Shoplifters to the PopKid records family.

Shoplifters are from Serbia, but listening to their songs you might think they're actually from the 1994. Here at PopKid we first heard of Shoplifters through their incredible album Believe that came out on the mighty Waterslide Records. We were immediately taken with their stormy mix of Snuff and Big Drill Car punk rock. However, for this new 4 song 7", Shoplifters have cast their net even wider and caught a sound that that builds off of their prior work but incorporates new elements.

This time out, you can feel the melodic side of the band come through even stronger. Often it brings to mind early, at their best, China Drum. At the same time, Shoplifters are tapping into a vein of even more ferocious energy than before with a whirlwind of forceful, Bob Mould-style guitar shredding. If you are looking for loud guitars, big hooks and melodic vocals you'd be hard pressed to find a band more up your alley than Shoplifters.

The 7" is limited to 314 copies and is only available on Black Vinyl.

This is available for sale right now from our webstore and also through our Bandcamp page.  The 7" is $6 plus shipping and all records come with a download code.

Purchase the record from our webstore here:

Stream all four songs and buy the digital version on our Bandcamp page here:

PopKid is releasing this record in North America.  If you are from another part of the world, there may be a label close by that is co-releasing this great 7" with us:

Available in North America from PopKid Records 
Available in the UK from Brassneck Records 
Available in Japan from Waterslide Records
Available in the Netherlands from White Russian Records 
Available in Spain from Bartolini Records 

If you haven't picked them up yet, this could be a good time to grab the recent Custody 7" and Chestnut Road LP that we put out last year.  Shipping is $4 no matter how much you buy, so why not save on those shipping costs and pick yourself up an early present.  Remember the season of giving to yourself is all year long.

Chestnut Road - LPII:

Custody - Blistered Soul 7":

Tim & Alan

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Shoplifters - Forgiver 7" Now Streaming on Bandcamp

In advance of the 7" being available to order on Monday, November 11th, we've added the new Shoplifters 7" Forgiver to the PopKid Bandcamp page.

These fine fellows from Serbia are crafting 90's inspired melodic punk rock that is sure to please fans of China Drum or Bob Mould's recent work.  They have a knack for big powerful hooks, loud crunchy guitars and there's even some handclaps thrown in to "Instant Forgiver" for good measure.

Check it out to see for yourself.  We're convinced that you'll agree that Shoplifters are right at home as part of the PopKid family.

Shoplifers also created a video for "Instant Forgiver" that you can check out here:

We are very happy to be part of this release along with some of our favorite labels in the world.  If you're outside of North America, please check them out to save yourself some postage costs:

See you on Monday to sell some records.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

New PopKid Release Coming Soon - Shoplifters 7"!

We're thrilled here at PopKid HQ to announce that we will be releasing the a new 7" from the incredible band Shoplifter on Monday November 13th.

We've been fans of Shoplifters ever since we heard their stellar album Believe that was released on Waterslide records.  When the opportunity came up to help out and co-release this 7" with the wonderful folks at Brassneck, Waterslide, Bartolini & White Russian we just couldn't pass up the chance.

We'll have more news very very soon, but since we've been neglecting the PopKid site a bit, we wanted to get this up.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Black Friday MP3 Sale at our Bandcamp Page

It's Thanksgiving/Black Friday time.  A time to celebrate commerce and deals.  What could be better?  Lots of things probably, but all we can really offer is a deal on some MP3s.

So, form now until Tuesday 11/29 you can download the entire PopKid discography from Bandcamp for 85% off.  $12.15 for every record we've got up there.

You can't link directly to the deal, you just have to scroll down a bit on any individual release page and you'll see the option to download everything.  Some wonderful records, if we do say so ourselves.  Spread the word and the cheer and download. Buy some vinyl too, while you're at it...

Here's a link to the Chestnut road page, if you scroll down a bit you'll see the link to download the whole discography: