Saturday, May 18, 2013

Not Dead Yet

Things have been a little quiet here at PopKid HQ for the last few months, and for that I apologize.  We're biding our time, raising our money and have some fun things planned.

At some point in the next couple of months we will be have another digital only release.  It will be a 3 way split between Porcelain Boys, Horace Goes Skiing & Beezewax - Live on WFMU.  back in the 90's all 3 bands stopped in at WFMU and proceeded to make with the rock and roll.  We've had DATs of all 3 performances hanging out here at HQ for far too long.

We also have a Chester Copperpot vinyl release that again has been brewing for far too long.  We've nearly saved up enough money for that, but we need just a bit more.

Which brings me to...PopKid Spring Cleaning Savings!

I get it, people don't really care about CDs like they used to.  Here at PopKid records we still have a lot of CDs left, so we've made a cheapo bundle of everything that's left in print.  Buy it, get these CDs out of here and help us bring in some new vinyl.

Here's what you get:
Beat Crusaders - All you Can Eat
Beezewax - South Of Boredom
Chester Copperpot - The Kings Of Kirby
Crushstory - A+ Electric
Kenneth Ishak - Northern Exposure
Jettison - Search For The Gun Girl
***And the first 2 people that order will get as a bonus the last 2 copies of the Porcelain Boys CD Away Awhile that we have left - Limited to TWO COPIES LEFT***

How much would you pay for this bundle? Well the retail price of a set like this using 1990's major label pricing could exceed $113.88.  However, nothing about that sentence applies here. You get everything for $25 - About 4 bucks a CD.

Sale will go on through the holiday weekend next week, ending on Tuesday, May 28th. or until we run out of any of the CDs.  I think we're lowest on Beezewax & Kenneth Ishak, but still have at least 10 of each.

Buy Here:

So, please buy some CDs.  You can probably play them in your car, so there's that. At the end of the day these are some records that we love and we're really proud that they came out on PopKid. You can check everything out on our Bandcamp page before you buy, but have a listen, pick up some new tunes and put us a bit closer to being able to put out some new vinyl.