Saturday, February 10, 2018

Distro: R.S.V.P. - A Tribute to Broccoli

We have an extraordinary small amount of the new Tribute to Broccoli CD that just came out on Fixing A Hole records in Japan.  Broccoli has long been one of our very favorite bands here at PopKid and this CD is packed with 38 bands from around the world paying tribute to them.

Chestnut Road is one of the bands on this compilation (appropriate since the band is named after a Broccoli songs) and even the goofy band that Alan & I are in (Sun Tan Lake) makes an appearance.  Not to mention tons of others like The Hum Hums, The No Marks, Bows, Short Straw Fate, Cradle To Grave and more.

Probably not a whole lot of places in America to buy this right now, and I can't stress enough we really only have a few - so go buy one and pick up some other PopKid fun while you're there.

New Store on

Just a quick update that we've moved our store over to Limited Run (  The free Big Cartel store just wasn't working anymore, not enough room for our vast catalog.  This also will open things up a little bit for other products as well.  We may start doing just a tiny bit of bistro in addition to PopKid stuff. Not much, but maybe a random thing here or there.  One of those random things is coming sooner than you think.

Anyway - for all your CD and vinyl needs!