Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Vinyl Sale

This weekend we're offering up the chance to grab just about every piece of vinyl we've released in one big pack of fun.  This is almost everything that we still have that is in print.  We're only going to sell 10 of these packs, so go buy it quickly.

Here's what you get:
1. Gan - Blink 7" - Yellow Vinyl (/300)
2. Starmarket - Stayin Cool 2x7" - Black Vinyl (/800)
3. Ultimate Fakebook / The Stereo - Split 7" - Black Vinyl (/700)
4. Ultimate Fakebook / The Stereo - Split 7" - White Vinyl (/300)
5. Horace Goes Skiing - Domestic Violence 7" - Blue Vinyl (/555)
6. Playground - If You Were Me 7" - Black Vinyl (/500)
7. Chester Copperpot - Bitter Sweet Tunes 7" - Clear Vinyl (/300)
8. Chester Copperpot - Bitter Sweet Tunes 7" - Black Vinyl (/300)
9. Beezewax - Burning Up In Style 7" - Black Vinyl (Technically, not on PopKid, but I have enough copies to throw them in on this deal as well)

All of this for $25. That's less than $3 per 7". Shipping in the US is $4 for the lot.  Shipping internationally varies.

Again, we're only doing 10 of these sets for Labor Day (We're about to run out of Playground and Horace Goes Skiing 7"s after that) so if you've ever wanted these records, this is a good time to get them!

PLUS - We will email you MP3s of ever single 7" as well (these were pressed way before download codes, but we'll hook you up with MP3s via email).

You can get everything here:

If you want to listen to them first, head here:

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chester Copperpot T Shirts Now For Sale

We've dug up another gem here at PopKid HQ, we found a stash of Chester Copperpot shirts that were made up for the release of their great album The Kings of Kirby.  These shirts were made up in 2004, but I'm pretty sure the only people that have these shirts are in the band and us PopKids.  You should have one too.

It's a natural colored shirt (a really light tan) with brown ink, establishing the fact that Chester Copperpot has been a musical force since 1990.  That's a long time to be so great.

We're selling the shirt 2 ways:

You can buy the shirt by itself (and pick up some Vinyl & CDs while you are at it) over at  The shirts are $10 plus shipping.


You can buy the shirt bundles with MP3s of the Chester Copperpot album The Kings of Kirby from our Bandcamp page: You can grab this bundle for only $12! (Really, you get the MP3s for free, we're just covering our costs for Bandcamp to take a cut of the sale.)

Either way, you're going to be looking good Billy Ray!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ultimate Fakebook / The Stereo Split 7" Now On Bandcamp

We've been pretty busy here at PopKid HQ and we've been going through the archives to find some
old forgotten gems to share with everyone.  The first order of business is that we have made digital versions of the songs from the Ultimate Fakebook / The Stereo split 7" and made them available on Bandcamp.

this was the only 7" that we had on Bandcamp that you weren't able to buy digitally, but we've made new files direct from the original DAT tape.  It sounds wonderful.  And only $2.  That's less money than it costs to buy a snap bracelet:

Don't forget, we still have copies of the actual 7" on Black Vinyl (/700) and on limited white vinyl (/300) at our Big Cartel store:

More to come, including PopKid records that were recorded but never released.  We're going to fill out those empty catalog numbers!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

PopKid Discography Updated on

If you like being a nerd about collecting records like I do, Discogs is quite the website to waste your life on.  In the spirit of helping other folks waste their lives, I've updated & added all of the PopKid releases on

I know I spend a lot of time on there trying to hunt down some records, maybe you do too.  Enjoy: