Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chester Copperpot T Shirts Now For Sale

We've dug up another gem here at PopKid HQ, we found a stash of Chester Copperpot shirts that were made up for the release of their great album The Kings of Kirby.  These shirts were made up in 2004, but I'm pretty sure the only people that have these shirts are in the band and us PopKids.  You should have one too.

It's a natural colored shirt (a really light tan) with brown ink, establishing the fact that Chester Copperpot has been a musical force since 1990.  That's a long time to be so great.

We're selling the shirt 2 ways:

You can buy the shirt by itself (and pick up some Vinyl & CDs while you are at it) over at  The shirts are $10 plus shipping.


You can buy the shirt bundles with MP3s of the Chester Copperpot album The Kings of Kirby from our Bandcamp page: You can grab this bundle for only $12! (Really, you get the MP3s for free, we're just covering our costs for Bandcamp to take a cut of the sale.)

Either way, you're going to be looking good Billy Ray!

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