Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Release: Keepsake - Undertow 7"

In an ideal world, this post would actually be touting the release of a new piece of PopKid vinyl.  For the time being this single won't be pressed on vinyl, but we've kept these songs a secret from the world for far too long.

This was meant to be a 7" that was going to be released around 1997-1998, though even by then this amazing band had called it a day.  Keepsake was based out of New Jersey, was only around for a brief moment, but managed to crank out 3 truly incredible songs.  Longing for the days when guitar bands were more like Mega City Four, Senseless Things or the Doughboys? This single is for you.

For the time being, you can go to our Bandcamp page and download MP3s, FLAC files or whatever format you like of this record.  It's $2.  If there is an overwhelming demand or if we sell hundreds of these downloads, we will absolutely look into a proper vinyl pressing at some point.  But for now, we just want to share some songs that we love with the rest of the pop kids out there. Thanks & Enjoy!


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