Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Shoplifters - Forgiver 7" Now Streaming on Bandcamp

In advance of the 7" being available to order on Monday, November 11th, we've added the new Shoplifters 7" Forgiver to the PopKid Bandcamp page.

These fine fellows from Serbia are crafting 90's inspired melodic punk rock that is sure to please fans of China Drum or Bob Mould's recent work.  They have a knack for big powerful hooks, loud crunchy guitars and there's even some handclaps thrown in to "Instant Forgiver" for good measure.

Check it out to see for yourself.  We're convinced that you'll agree that Shoplifters are right at home as part of the PopKid family.

Shoplifers also created a video for "Instant Forgiver" that you can check out here:

We are very happy to be part of this release along with some of our favorite labels in the world.  If you're outside of North America, please check them out to save yourself some postage costs:

See you on Monday to sell some records.

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