Thursday, October 5, 2023

New PopKid Release: Shoplifters - Second Nature LP

Rejoice!  PopKid and Shoplifters ride again!

It's been 4 years since Shoplifters now certifiable classic album Secret Free World was released.  What have they been doing since then?  Resting on their laurels?  Of course not.  Our very favorite people from Novi Sad, Serbia have been hard at work, creating new group of tunes destined to become permanently stuck in your head.  The result is their new full length album and 3rd release on PopKid, Second Nature

We've often said that Shoplifters remind us of early China Drum and that's still the case.  But as always, they continue to impress with guitar lines that will make you think of Leatherface, hooks that hit as hard as anything Snuff has ever released, the sort of intensity and fire you'd expect from Bob Mould/Hüsker Dü and the melodic punk vibes of Big Drill Car or All.  

Throughout Second Nature the band uncorks classic after classic, from the hook filled title track “Second Nature,” to the more angular and aggressive “Hungry Lions” to the Leatherface-esque guitar work on “Braced for Fall.” We couldn’t be happier that Shoplifters are back on PopKid. Second Nature will be taking over our stereos for the remainder of 2023 and we hope it takes over yours too.

The record is up for preorder today.  But do not fret, this is a short preorder.  The release date is Friday, October 20th, but the records are in hand and will begin shipping right away.  If you order today, you'll have the record in time for the release date.

Purchase the record from our webstore here:

Purchase a specially priced bundle Shoplifters bundle that includes the Second Nature LP, the Secret Free World LP and the Forgiver 7":

Buy the digital version on our Bandcamp page here:

The is a co-release with the fine folks at Brassneck, Rad Girlfriend & Waterslide.  Wonderful folks, all of them.

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