Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Custody - Blistered Soul 7" Now Streaming on Bandcamp

Today we're pleased as punch to release two fantastic songs by Custody out into the world.

If you have even remote interest in the sort of powerful, full of hooks guitar rock of the 90's that was being championed by bands like Samiam, you really need to give Custody a whirl.  Just give each song until the chorus kicks in.  I'm pretty convinced you'll be as hooked as we were.

This will be a 2 song 7" from Custody and you can stream them both right now from the PopKid Bandcamp page here:

The actual 7" will go on sale on Friday and will be available in 3 different colors of vinyl, but you can buy them digitally now if you prefer.

Custody also made a video for "Blistered Soul" that you can watch:

This is a split release with some wonderful labels all around the world, so if you aren't in North America. chances are there's a label close to you that you can pick it up from to save postage costs.

Hopefully we'll see you on Friday to sell you some records!

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